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Shawnigan Improvement District is administered by an elected Board of Trustees, one of whom has the additional duty of Chair. Each Trustee is elected for a three-year term by the eligible landowners of SID. To be eligible to vote, or to be a candidate for Trustee, a person must be eighteen years of age, a Canadian citizen, an owner of land in the improvement district and a BC resident for the previous six months.

SID’s Letters Patent, applicable sections of the Local Government Act, and other applicable provincial statutes outline the powers that can be exercised by the Board of Trustees. These powers include the ability to enact and enforce its regulations and charges, to assess and collect taxes, to acquire, hold and dispose of lands, to borrow money and to expropriate lands required to carry out its functions. The Board of Trustees exercises these powers through the passage of resolutions and bylaws.

Board of Trustees:

  • Chris Shields, Chair

  • Dave Cech, Trustee

  • Keith Shields, Trustee

  • Mike Trotter, Trustee

  • Dean Freer, Vice-Chair


Boat Tubing.jpg
  • Karen Bereczki, Administrator

The Board of Trustees meets for regular meetings on the second Monday of each month unless otherwise scheduled.

This Handbook is intended to introduce Trustees to the fundamentals of improvement districts and explain the role of the Trustees – including their financial responsibilities and powers. The Handbook may also be useful to anyone interested in becoming a Trustee, or who wants a better understanding of how improvement districts are governed.

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