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The Shawnigan Improvement District began life as the Shawnigan Lake Fire Brigade, which grew out of the fire fighting division of the second World War Air Raid Patrol of 1939 - 1945.

SID History

Following the war in 1945, the fire brigade continued on as a dedicated group of volunteers and was funded by private donations.


As the community grew, the fire fighting need also grew. It was recognized that public funding was going to be required to fund the purchase of fire fighting equipment and facilities to house the equipment.


With public safety the objective, the SID was established on October 27, 1950.  The first three trustees were elected from the community. In 1977, the need was perceived to have more community voice on the board so the number of trustees was increased to five.

Firefighter with hose.jpg
Shawnigan Lake Fire Hall #1.jpg

Station #1

It is through the unselfish dedication of community members that the SID and fire department has grown to be a force the whole community can be proud of.

Shawnigan Lake Fire Hall #2.jpg

Station #2

Through the vision of the SID trustees, fire protection was able to keep pace with the rapid growth of the area.

Shawnigan Lake Fire Hall #3 - 2.jpg

The SID also looks after street lighting.

Station #3

The newest addition to fire prevention and keeping the community safe. 

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